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Alan Browne
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Default facing Problem in 'Creating Data Input Files' in GAMIT

On 2013.12.08, 11:22 , Greg Troxel wrote:
Alan Browne writes:

On 2013.12.06, 15:41 , wrote:
I am beginner to GAMIT Software and i am confused that where the
sh_links.tables command should be executed?
my experiment folder name is anki
which contains /igs,/brdc,/tables, /rinex,and /templates.

I would think the MIT site and community would be a better bet for you
to find such.

It probably would but I think it's very cool for people to be talking
about science rather than how to use their consumer-grade devices.

Why I wrote what I did above. From the GAMIT home page:

The software may be obtained without written agreement or royalty fee by
universities and government agencies for any non-commerical purposes.
You must include in the e-mail the full name, address, and telephone and
fax numbers of your institution.

IOW, the poster would be better to ask that community. As interesting
as it surely is, there will be pretty much no activity here. As there
is no activity here on anything.

As to "interesting" ...
Recently I posted about a new low cost RTK kickstarter project.

No replies at all.

As to how-to-use: I haven't seen such here in a very long time ...

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