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Default What €250 buys in a GPS these days

Alan Browne wrote:

A droolworthy spec.

It did not specify any multi-band capability, but I would guess it uses
a modern chipset that supports GPS+Glonass+Galileo++?

- GPS (66 channels; no indication of SBAS, but 1.8m accuracy claimed -
if based on the LS20031 receiver, then it would have SBAS).

- 3D compass (2° precision claimed; accuracy not specified)

- 3D accelerometer with 3 mg resolution (accuracy not specified)

- 3D Gyro/tilt sensor. Claims sensitivity (?) of 14 LSB's per second.

- Altimeter/pressure sensor with altitude resolution of 20 cm (accuracy
not spec'd.

- User spec'd recording rate up to 35 Hz.

- 88 g

- Record up to 2 GB to µSD (hours to months depending on data selection
and rate).

- Real time output over USB (Windows, OS X, Linux)

Bluetooth output is missing. :-(

This is required in order to place the logger on top of one's hat or
similar to give the antenna an optimal position.


- 650 mAh battery (LiPo)

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