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Default LightSquared Seeks FCC Approval for GPS ‘Coexistence’ Plan -- Presses Fight Against DoT Power-Limit Study

On 2016-01-15 18:37, Sam Wormley wrote:
LightSquared Seeks FCC Approval for GPS Coexistence Plan
Presses Fight Against DoT Power-Limit Study

Having settled its lawsuits against a trio of GPS receiver
manufacturers, would-be broadband provider New LightSquared is now
pointing to those settlements to support its assertion that it is
fully addressing GPS interference issues.

The settlements, which were described as "Coexistence Agreements" in
a letter filed Wednesday (January 13, 2016) with the FCC, set power
limits that the company must ask to incorporate into its FCC license.
Given that the three GNSS companies Garmin, Deere and Trimble
operate in nearly every sector of the GPS receiver market, New
LightSquared argued in its letter that the agreements can be viewed
as setting limits that protect nearly all of the GPS community.

As for aviation receivers, about which technical concerns remain, New
LightSquared said it would "determine, after consultation with FAA
[Federal Aviation Administration], the proper power levels such that
the licensee would guarantee that its operations would comply with
the FAAs Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) as
embodied in Technical Standard Orders (TSOs)."

****e, thy name is Lightsquared.

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