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Default Linux CLI program to output simple maps

On 2016-03-21 18:25, Emanuel Berg wrote:
I'm writing an article on the Kon-Tiki expedition.
The article will look much like this [1] earlier
article I did. It is in Swedish, but you get the
picture. It is not scientific or anything and what
I need is a couple of simple but clear maps: Peru,
Polynesia, and so.

I'm a CLI, LaTeX, gnuplot etc. user so it would be
cool to have a program to produce simple maps, and not
just for this article God willing.

I've heard about and installed gmt (Generic Mapping
Tools) for my Debian which seems to be exactly what
I need, but I failed to find a simple example to
execute, and the examples I did find I couldn't
execute, as I only found the scripts, not the
data files!

Even tho probably gmt is great I'm not dead set on
using that in particular.

What I would like to to is, for example, one puts in
a file that one wants a black and white PNG not bigger
than some size, showing the Pacific Ocean including
Hawaii and Easter Island, and then the program outputs
the map.

Screen shot from Google Maps not good enough? You can de-saturate it in
Photoshop or Gimp or whatever.

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