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Default Linux CLI program to output simple maps

isw writes:

You can get vector representations of just about any
place on earth from Open Street Map.

You'll have to do some work to figure out how to get
what you need, but it's probably the best
open-source map data that's available.

I found the following packs by searching for

p openstreetmap-carto - Setup for standard OpenStreetMap Mapnik styl
p openstreetmap-carto-common - standard OpenStreetMap Mapnik stylesheet
i openstreetmap-client - OpenStreetMap client for the GNOME Desktop
p openstreetmap-map-icons-classic - Collection of map icons (classic set)
p openstreetmap-map-icons-scalable - Collection of map icons (scalable set)
p openstreetmap-map-icons-square - Collection of map icons (square set)

openstreetmap-client is all GUI. Might as well use
Google Earth.

Or do you mean I should use the data with GMT?

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