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Default Linux CLI program to output simple maps

On 2016-03-24 17:37, Emanuel Berg wrote:
I did it!

Here is the command to get Fatu Hiva!

gmt pscoast -R-138.75/-138.55/-10.6/-10.4 -JM6i -Pc \
-Ba0.33/a0.33/WeSn -S0/100/200 -Ggray -Dh \

The result (the PNG after convert(1)):

Still, not much of a map tho... I'll have to figure
out how to add the villages... and mountains... and
moais... and aku-akus!

But it is possible, just like I knew that it would be!


Is much better.

as is

Much easier to use what others have done than to start from scratch.

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