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Default Linux CLI program to output simple maps

Alan Browne

The result (the PNG after convert(1)):
Still, not much of a map tho... I'll have to figure
out how to add the villages... and mountains... and
moais... and aku-akus! But it is possible, just
like I knew that it would be!


Is much better.

as is

Day one is not about comparing quality to others who
have spent years on their work.

Day one is getting your foot thru the door to see if
you can bend it open. If you can, with time and very
enjoyable effort, you will be able to open the door,
*any* door, with as little effort and as much elegance
as anyone else. At that point you'll be at a position
of power and options.

That's the whole thing. Because day one using Emacs
and Gnus a kid can do more and better with Word and
his Hotmail account!

I'm now printing the GMT manual which is several
hundred pages long. There is an endless, uh, "world"
to rediscover!

Much easier to use what others have done than to
start from scratch.

Indeed, the short-ears also thought it was much easier
to wait on their backs on the beach for the coconuts
to fall down, and they had no understanding whatsoever
of the long-ears with their relentless work on them
silly stone statues...

underground experts united ....
Emacs Gnus Blogomatic .........
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