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Alan Browne
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Default Linux CLI program to output simple maps

On 2016-03-26 14:54, Emanuel Berg wrote:
Alan Browne

The result (the PNG after convert(1)):
Still, not much of a map tho... I'll have to figure
out how to add the villages... and mountains... and
moais... and aku-akus! But it is possible, just
like I knew that it would be!


Is much better.

as is

Day one is not about comparing quality to others who
have spent years on their work.

One doesn't waste time on things solved (and usually better so) by others.

Day one is getting your foot thru the door to see if

loopy fantasy talk deleted

You're wasting your time. I have nothing against using or making my own
tools. Indeed I write all sorts of s/w for my needs (personal and
business), but only because it is unique to my needs. I don't re-invent
what has already been done. That is wasteful.

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