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Default Marconi Prize for 2016 Goes to Brad Parkinson

Chris wrote:
On 31-5-2016 22:15, Sam Wormley wrote:
Fortunately, Schultz went ahead anyway. By the time Parkinson was ten
feet out the door, the General had called personnel and initiated his
transfer � in the process giving the young colonel the authority he
had requested. With sinking heart, Parkinson realized he had
inherited a lot of good underlying thinking, but so much infighting
that the program had ground to a halt.

So - if i understand this correctly...

Mr. Parkinson - payed by american tax money - is not enthousiast, nor
really interested in this fantastic assignment. Against his will, he
is assigned to it anyway, and now he got a prize for the job?

Yes indeed, and well deserved too:

The amazing thing wasn't that he was ordered to create GPS, but that he,
having received those orders, managed to solve the task _far_ better
than anyone expected.


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