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Default Google to provide raw GPS measurements

On 2016-07-15 21:59, wrote:
An article in the July 2016 GPS World magazine states that raw GPS
measurements will be available to apps in the Android N operating
system, which will be released later this year. This means you can
get pseudoranges, doppplers, and carrier phase from a phone or

Very neat. Apple bury even basic satellite data (which sats, PRN's,
elevation, azimuth, etc.). I've been thinking of getting a good Android
phone (used) in order to get that data.

As others point out, if the data is exposed to the next levels down,
some pretty good "poor man's" differential stations could be developed
for at least sub meter accuracy - maybe dm level.

Perhaps the antenna phase center can be determined experimentally?
(Note that most smart phone antennas are very sub optimal wrt pattern in
the first place). See for
one discussion which claims the antennas are not even circ-pol - what
would that do to phase measurements (if anything).

I'd also like a recorder that could go to about 5 Hz.

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