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Default What3Words = location (9m resolution)

Alan Browne wrote:
At the granulaity of points provided, there are a few that would be
suitable for locating my house.

Which is the intended purpose.

I thought it was clever that a friend, who is a soccer coach, has "soccer"
as one of the three words describing his house. He pointed out that my
house ends with "splat". I moved around a little to find a better
combination, but a "list", or seeing the adjacent ones, if zoomed in far
enough, would be nice.

Google Maps uses a short-name, called a Plus Code
This can be two+two, like 9m+g4 if you are nearby, or expanded to the
city, or region or world, by adding more digits, or a city name.

Full, world-wide:
669M+G4 Petaluma, 94952, California
Nearby: 9M+G4
Citywide: 669M+G4
Region: CV669M+G4
world-unique: 84CV669M+G4

Clarence A Dold - Santa Rosa, CA, USA GPS: 38.47,-122.65