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Default GPX Track Editor for Android

I have written a track editor that runs on Android tablets, and it is now available for beta test on the Google Play app store at:

GPX Track Editor is similar in functionality, as a first approximation, to other track editors such as GPS TrackMaker, which I have been using for years on the Windows platform, primarily to make maps of hiking and cross-country ski trails.

The main purpose of GPX Track Editor is to help the user efficiently clean up data gathered in the field. It includes tools for track reduction and averaging, and it is easy to visually assess the results of these tools before accepting the results. Tracks are layered on a Google Map display. As the name suggests, the editor reads and writes (only, currently) GPX files.

Because of my interest in mapping trail networks, the tool makes it easy to create tracks that reflect the network "topology" by including junction points in each track. For example, when reducing a track, there is an option to protect such junction points from being reduced out of existence.

Documentation for the map is contained within the app, in (hyperlinked) help messages.

Lew Lasher
Cambridge, Massachusetts