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Default GPX Track Editor for Android

Terje Mathisen wrote:

I wrote track reduction/optimization code a long time ago, i.e. even
before the end of Selective Availability when track points could be up
to 100 m off, but the error was random and slowly changing.

I wrote the reduction and averaging code some 10 years ago, but I did not use it a lot because it was not integrated with the track editing tools I was using.

Have you implemented track adjustment tools, i.e. a way to drag the
track through points where the map tells you that it had to pass, and
the in rubber band fashion adjust all the track points between
junction/fix points?

You can force the map to pass through particular points. (Not by dragging, though, because that doesn't work well on a touchscreen.) There is no automatic adjustment of intermediate points, however. What you can do is manually eliminate a series of intermediate noise points by connecting two good points.

I have been doing my testing on some noisy tracks, and, although this is inherently a tedious task, I found I was able to clean up the garbage fairly efficiently. And, if there are multiple tracks, I've found good results from averaging the tracks, after trimming off the worst of the noise.

Lew Lasher