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Default How can I recover from TomTom map update interruption?

On Sat, 26 Aug 2017 22:13:38 +0100, Roger Mills wrote:

My TomTom Via135 personal navigation device came with Western Europe
maps with free lifetime updates.

I also purchased an Australia map with 12 months of updates when I
visited Australia recently.

A few days ago, I decided to check for map updates because I was
planning to go on an unfamiliar journey.

When I connected the device to my computer, MyDrive Connect told me that
a map update was available, so I clicked on 'Update'. Only when the
update had started did it tell me that it was going to take SIX HOURS.
[I'm away from my main home and currently have a slowish (about 5Mbps)
internet connection].

I didn't wish to proceed with this, but couldn't find any official way
of aborting it, so I disconnected it - YES, I know you're not supposed
to do that, etc., but what else can you do?

To my dismay, the Via135 then denied all knowledge of a Europe map. I
could go anywhere I liked as long as it was in Australia!

I've made several attempts to recover from this by re-starting the
update process - including clicking on the 'Repair' option on a couple
of occasions when it said my map was corrupted.

Every time, it goes through the motions of updating, saying it is going
to take about 6 hours. Every time, it runs for about five and a half
hours and gets to about 80% and then stops with a message saying
"Something has gone wrong" or "Connection to server lost" etc. (not
exactly the same every time - but always the same result, offering me
only the Australia map.

Anyone come across this sort of thing? What am I supposed to do now? If
a 6 hour update process can't be interrupted without bricking it, it's
not fit for purpose! What if there's a power cut during an update? My
expectation is that it would download the map to my PC and THEN transfer
it to the device, without disturbing the status quo until the second
part. It looks like it's not like that?

Any helpful suggestions will be gratefully received.

Not particularly helpful but I found that the backup process on my TomTom
wasn't much use. Only one copy was kept so if there were two attempts at a
download then the good backup was wiped.

Best thing is to back up the contents of your TomTom (treating it as an
external drive) to an internal location on your computer. Then if it all
goes pear shaped you can overwrite the internal storage using the back up,
which usually gets you back to where you started before the attempted


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